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Myeong In implements various employee welfare programs to ensure all employees can pursue a stable and prosperous life.

Coverage of the four major insurances.

Unemployment/Industrial accident/Health insurance and National pension

We prioritize the refreshment of our employees.

Annual leave, Maternity leave and Various life events support

We strive to provide assistance for employees' life events.

Birthday, Wedding and Childbirth support, etc.

We provide the best possible environment for employees to work comfortably.

Meal and transportation support

We provide additional support when being dispatched overseas.

Expat medical insurance

Housing support

We support single or double room.

Meal support

We provice three meals a day for on-site workers.

Vehicle support

We provide commuting vehicle support.

Vacation policy

We offer a two-week vacation after the first five and a half months of employment, and subsequently, a two-week vacation every three and a half months.

Flight ticket support

We provide flight ticket support during vacations.

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